Glorious Goodwood Festival Venue

The Glorious Goodwood Festival is just one of several illustrious sporting events held annually at the ancient Goodwood Estate – home to the Earls of Richmond for well over 300 years.

The manor house, Goodwood House, was designed by James Wyatt and has one of the finest collections of English paintings and French porcelain. Stubbs, Van Dyck and Reynolds are but a few of the masters who have both painted and been collected by the Richmond Dynasty over the centuries.

Charles, the Earl of March and Kinara, took over the running of the 12 000 acre estate from his father, the 10th Duke of Richmond in the early 1990’s and since then he has been on a mission to turn it into Britain’s most alluring sporting brand.

Apart from the 200 year old horseracing meet, there are now two annual motor sport festivals, a flying club, a golf course and one of the oldest cricket pitches in England.

Goodwood Racecourse Guide

The racecourse itself is set atop the Sussex Downs and is arguably one of the most beautiful courses in the world today. It presents a tactical challenge for jockeys and horses alike as it is laid out as an irregular figure of eight with a six furlong straightway attached to it, which encompasses both uphill and downhill racing.

The sprint races start on the wide straightway that runs downhill before flattening out in front of the spectators, and horses have to establish their stride very quickly or they will be left behind in the dust!

The longer races start at the apex of the figure of eight and horses have to climb uphill against a backdrop of jade hills and hedged meadows, and then after making a turn, they sprint downhill into the straightway. The notorious gradients and sharp bends favour the type of horse which is active and hardy and a fluent mover, rather than the big runner with long strides.

The Estate boasts a range of facilities from the renowned 94 room Goodwood Park Hotel with its own golf course, country club and spa, to a variety of top restaurants at the racetrack itself – the famed Sussex Club, the Charlton Hunt Restaurant and Trundle Restaurant to name but a few. There are also three separate enclosures to suit everyone’s taste and pocket – the member’s only Richmond Enclosure, the Gordon Enclosure, and the Public Enclosure, the Lennox Enclosure. For a more detailed review of these amenities, please take a look at our Glorious Goodwood Festival Racecourse Facilities page.