Glorious Goodwood Betting Tips

Betting and horse racing are one and the same thing – for centuries spectators have wagered money on horses and their riders. There are a number of key points which may help a punter new to the game:

Betting Tips

Always remember that professional bookmakers are extremely well informed about the horses, jockeys and trainers, and have had loads of experience in determining the odds. Their starting prices are usually great indicators as to which of the horses will, in all likelihood, come in the first three of any given race. Sometimes the vast majority of punters will put their weight and money behind a particular horse, and in so doing, will inflate or falsify the price. Consequently the prices of the other horses will drift in the market, or get a little longer. As a result a horse which was initially shown as the favourite or second favourite in the early starting prices quoted by the ‘bookies’ may drop down the list and the odds will improve significantly. Glorious Goodwood Festival Betting Tip – bet on the horse that was initially the favourite or in the top three.
Another Glorious Goodwood Betting Tip is to bet on a horse which has been heavily backed minutes before the start of the race, and the odds have been sharply reduced. This generally means that someone, somewhere has reliable, favourable information that no-one else has!
When making your choice, always choose a horse which has been racing regularly and recently. If a horse has been out of racing for a while, there is normally a very good reason, like injury or illness.
In longer races be aware of the form and experience of the jockey. In short races even an inexperienced rookie will be able to make his horse go fast, but the longer races require more thought and strategy and an experienced jockey will know how to pace the horse and the race.