The Sussex Stakes

The Sussex Stakes is considered the most prestigious race on the Glorious Goodwood calendar, and has consistently attracted some of the best milers in Europe, possibly as it is also the richest race of the entire meet.

It too is a Group 1 flat horse race for three year old thoroughbreds and above, but this time the race is run over a mile.

The Sussex Stakes was first introduced in 1841, and was originally a race for two year olds, but all this changed in 1878 when it was restricted to three year olds. As time went by, the organisers tweaked the restrictions of age and in 1960 4 years olds were allowed to participate and 15 years later, five year olds too could join in.

There is one jockey who has excelled at the Sussex Stakes, and he is the greatest jockey the world has ever known, the great Sir Gordon Richards. He claimed the stakes no fewer than eight times – his first victory was in 1928 and his final triumph came twenty-four years later, in 1952.

The only other rider who has even come remotely close to Sir Richard’s incredible record is another of horseracing’s legends, the celebrated Lester Piggott. He managed to clinch the Sussex Stakes six times. He claimed his first win in 1959 on Petite Etoile, and savoured his final win on Jaazeiro in 1978.

The most successful teams for the event have been Ireland’s famous Coolmore Stud, with Aidan O’Brien as the most prolific trainer, and hot on their heels is the UAE based Godolphin team, with trainer Saeed Bin Suroor. In 2007, the Godolphin team took the honours when Frankie Dettori steered Ramonti to a comfortable win. 2008 saw the marvelous team of Aidan O’Brien and Johnny Murtagh who claimed the Sussex Stakes, Nassau Stakes and Goodwood Cup in the same year.

Glorious Goodwood Sussex Stakes Winners from 1926

Date Winner Jockey Trainer
2009 Rip Van Winkle J Murtagh A O’Brien
2008 Henrythenavigator J Murtagh A O’Brien
2007 Ramonti F Dettori S Bin Suroor 1969 Jimmy Reppin G Lewis J Sutcliffe
2006 Court Masterpiece J Fortune E Dunlop 1968 Petingo L Piggott F Armstrong
2005 Proclamation M K Kinane J Noseda 1967 Reform A Breasley Sir G Richards
2004 Soviet song J Murtagh J Fanshawe 1966 Paveh R Hutchinson T Ainsworth
2003 Reel Buddy Pat Eddery R Hannon 1965 Carlemont R Hutchinson P Prendergast
2002 Rock of Gibraltar M Kinane A O’Brien 1964 Roan Rocket L Piggott G Todd
2001 Noverre L Dettori S Bin Suroor 1963 Queen’s Hussar R Hutchinson T Corbett
2000 Giant’s Causeway M Kinane A O’Brien 1962 Romulus W Swinburn R F J Houghton
1999 Aljabr L Dettori S Bin Suroor 1961 Le Levanstell W Williamson S McGrath
1998 Among Men M Kinane Sir M Stoute 1960 Venture V11 G Moore A Head
1997 All-Royal K Fallon H Cecil 1959 Petite Etoile L Piggott N Murless
1996 First Island M Hills G Wragg 1958 Major Portion E Smith T Leader
1995 Sayyedati B Doyle C Brittain 1957 Quorum A Russell W Lyde
1994 Distant view Pat Eddery H Cecil 1956 Lucero E Mercer H Wragg
1993 Bigstone D Boeuf E Lellouche 1955 My Kingdom D smith W Nightingall
1992 Marling Pat Eddery G Wragg 1954 Landau W Snaith N Murless
1991 Second Set L Dettori L Cumani 1953 King of the
Tudors C Spares W Stephenson
1990 Distant Relative W Carson B Hills 1952 Agitator G Richards N Murless
1989 Zilzal W R Swinburn M Stoute 1951 Le Sage G Richards T Carey
1988 Warning Pat Eddery G Harwood 1950 Palestine C Smirke M Marsh
1987 Soviet Star G Starkey A Fabre 1949 Krakatao G Richards N Murless
1986 Sonic Lady W R Swinburn M Stoute 1948 My Babu C Smirke F Armstrong
1985 Rousillon G Starkey G Harwood 1947 Combat G Richards F Darling
1984 Chief Singer R Cochrane R Sheather 1946 Radiotherapy G Richards F Templeman
1983 Noalcoholic G Duffield G
Pritchard-Gordon 1939 Olein R Jones A Taylor
1982 On the House J Reid H Wragg 1938 Faroe R Perryman C Leader
1981 King’s Lake Pat Eddery M V O’Brien 1937 Pascal G Richards F Darling
1980 Posse Pat Eddery J Dunlop 1936 Corpach G Richards J Lawson
1979 Kris J Mercer H Cecil 1935 Hairan R Perryman F Butters
1978 Jaazeiro L Piggott M V O’Brien 1934 Badruddin F Fox F Butters
1977 Artaius L Piggott M V O’Brien 1933 The Abbot J Childs W Jarvis
1976 Wollow G Dettori H Cecil 1932 Dastur M Beary F Butters
1975 Bolkonski G Dettori H Cecil 1931 Inglesant R Jones J Lawson
1974 Ace of Aces J Lindley M Zilber 1930 Paradine R Jones J Lawson
1973 Thatch L Piggott M V O’Brien 1929 Le Phare M Beary R Dawson
1972 Sallust J Mercer W Hern 1928 Marconigram G Richards F Darling
1971 Brigadier Gerard J Mercer W Hern 1927 Rosalia H Wragg J Crawford
1970 Humble Duty D Keith P Walwyn 1926 Plimsol R Jones A Taylor