Glorious Goodwood Festival Betting

There are literally dozens of different types of horseracing bets available to the punter, and we include a brief outline of some of the more popular bet types.

Types of Pool Bets

Single/Straight/Win bet – the simplest bet type where the punter bets on the winner at given odds.
Place bet – the punter collects if the selected horse comes either 1st or 2nd.
Show bet – As above, but the punter collects if the horse comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Combination/forecast bet – covers from 2-4 horses to win in a chosen order.
Rags & Jollies – matches a single horse against the field, giving punters the option to bet on either to win the race.
Pick Three – the punter must pick the winner of 3 consecutive races.
Pick Six – As above, except that the player must select the winners of 6 consecutive races before the start of the first race of the Pick 6.
Quiniela/Reverse Forecast – A bet placed on two horses to finish first and second in no particular order.
Perfecta/Straight Forecast/Exacta – A bet placed on two horses which have to cross the finish post in exactly the order chosen by the punter.
Trifecta/Treble Forecast/Tricast – Exactly the same as the Perfecta, except that the punter has chosen three horses which have to come in exactly as chosen.
Superfecta – As above, but the punter has bet on four horses crossing the finish line in the exact order chosen when placing the bet.
Daily Double – The punter must select the winner of the first and second races on that day. The wager must be made before the start of the first race.
Jackpot – Here the punter chooses 6 winners in 6 races and will get a share in a jackpot prize.
Accumulator/Parlay – this is a multiple bet where the punter makes simultaneous selections on two or more races with the intention of placing the winnings of the first race on the bet of the second race, and so on. As the name suggest, all the winnings are accumulated and placed on the next race. However, all the selections made have to win for the punter to win a Parlay or Accumulator.
We have given you an outline of bet types, now take a look at our betting tips and go online and place your bet.